Hi, I'm Coach Terri!

Hi, I'm Coach Terri!

Terri Osvog
Life + ADHD Coach

I am a Board Certified Coach (BCC) and International Coach Federation (ICF) member, working with adults, professionals, parents, students, and businesses/organizations in the areas of purposeful personal and professional growth. 

I am here to help!

My mission is to help highly motivated people create the vision and
resulting change they choose to live.

Coaching is a developmental and growth process in a supportive, non-judgmental partnership, with goals defined by the client and navigated with the expertise of an educated life coach.

Clients include professionals, parents of young children and elementary school aged children, university students, career-focused adults, and adults in career and life transition.

My area of interests are ADHD and stress. Are you aware of these facts? ADHD is indiscriminate and challenges people of every age in areas of education, work, and relationships. Four to eleven percent of children who are 4-17 years of age have ADHD. 60% of those children will have adult ADHD/4% of the adult population. Of the adult population with ADD, only 20% have been diagnosed with ADHD. The outstanding 80% undiagnosed are perplexed as to why they are unable to achieve. Females with ADD are the most under served population.

Challenges in organization, productivity, planning, focus, initiating a project, or sustaining attention may hold a colleague, spouse, or student back from achieving basic goals or achieving their potential. ADHD Coaching includes education, identification of executive function, skills training, impulse and emotional regulation.

Masters Degree

in Educational Psychology & Counseling

Life Coach, BCC

Board Certified Coach

ICF Member

International Coach Federation