As the primary parent or caregiver, what strategies are you implementing with your child with ADHD?

What parenting techniques intensify anger and tear your relationship apart? Most likely the strategy is not a fit for a student with ADHD. But what might it be replaced with?

How often do you have negative feelings about your parenting ability; who you are as a parent; and who your child might be? Is there a prevailing sense of discouragement and failure?

Let's do this together.

Living with ADHD impacts all areas of life - school and homework, sports, your friendships, and your marriage.

Let's build your strategy toolkit and improve your life!

Parents are the most important people in a child’s early life and remain singular in importance as a child ages.

Your child does want to please you! But she/he is stuck and so are you. Parent coaching will move you both forward!

Some strategies do not work with a neuro-diverse brain. Disciple techniques used by your parents may be unsuccessful with your child. Parent coaching will help you consider and experiment with a unique set of strategies, individualized to your family.

Together, we work to understand specific situations, behaviors, beliefs, and decision-making to reduce anxiety and stress. You will learn to ditch yelling and enjoy calm, confident parenting.

The good news is there are strategies to smooth the bumps in your relationship with your child with ADHD, your partner, extended family, and teachers!

We will be introducing parent coaching conversations about relationships, a very normal topic. You will come away with strategies to work with your student's teachers. Parent coaching will help you learn how to confidently navigate 504 and IEP meetings!

When you understanding your 4-year-old or 17-year-old, his or her challenges and neurological strengths, and laws of education, you will have the knowledge to advocate for your student until they learn to advocate for themselves. You both will have more freedom.

Your role as a parent is to teach your student how to problem solve, plan, organize, and communicate their needs and desires appropriately. Parent coaching will change your family life. Conflict about homework and missed assignments, behavior challenges, technology, and friends, can be managed more effectively through coaching!