Coaching FAQs

What does an initial call involve?

Inquires are complimentary! Information gathering calls are for the asking questions - without ties. Do it now - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Simply call or text me at 214-728-9777 and say, "I have a situation. How would coaching help?" Or, email me at [email protected].

What do you specialize in?

My areas of interest are ADHD, with co-existing conditions, i.e. , anxiety, learning challenges, and executive function skills. My clients include professionals, parents, high school and university/grad students, career-focused adults, and adults in career and life transition.

Do you offer coaching sessions in-person or virtually? 

Coaching is by Zoom or phone. With over three years of interface via teleconferencing, my coaching clients representing all ages have learned and made life changes just as impactfully as meeting in person! 

How long are your coaching sessions?

Our first schedule appointment is a Baseline Coaching Conversation of 60 minutes.

Weekly coaching conversations are 50 minutes and include: encouragement and support, accountability to goals, and reminder texts between sessions.

Our mutual goal is to move from 50 minute conversations to 30 minute accountability coaching conversations - where you are creating a lasting habit of using the tools accumulated to manage ADHD and executive functioning.

How much does a coaching session cost?

Fees are affordable!  I do not take insurance. Payment is convenient via Zelle, Venmo and Square.

Please reach out me via my 'Contact Me' page for pricing information.

Life happens and you may have to cancel. Cancellations may be made without charge 24 hours in advance. Everyone receives one missed appointment per year.