Life with ADHD is Contagious!

Discover. Overcome. Transform.

There are benefits and heartaches with ADHD. A person living with ADHD experiences the world vividly, with joy in what their brain and heart love!

Tending to tedious, less alluring responsibilities may actually be experienced as painful, so procrastination and avoidance prevail.

Living with someone struggling in school, stuck in their job/career, or disappointed in a relationship often elicits the emotions of frustration, anger, and hurt in everyone. Little action and big excuses. Others believe the behavior is on purpose. The opposite is true! The adult with ADHD does not want to live this way! He/she wants to be 'normal'.

'Adult-ing' or being an adult requires ADHD coaching in many areas of life. Coaching is about learning how to control attention and exert self-discipline (the muscle or grit) to do those things that are uninviting, boring, tiresome, and without immediate gratification. With a vision, a passion that craves fulfillment, and a specific goal, change begins!

Rewrite your adult life-story. Realize dreams!

If you are an adult with ADHD...

Or both you and your spouse are living with ADHD challenges, and are parenting a child with a learning disorder, ASD, lagging executive function, or ADHD, coaching will help you support yourself and while implementing strategies consistently for your son or daughter.

If your spouse/partner has ADHD...

Relationship, finances, and parenting are commonly discussed topics. No more fixing! It's about scaffolding and strategically giving responsibilities back in small increments with accommodations and supports in place.

The 10 benefits of
Life + ADHD Coaching:

 1. Increased knowledge of the disorder and understanding of the uniqueness of the individual.

2. Enhanced quality of life with small steps of success.

3. Healthier relationships.

4. Academic and work performance improvement.

5. Increased utilization of personal strengths.

6. Attitude change - from an underdog into a growth mindset.

7. Bolstered executive functioning skills, i.e., memory, impulse.

8. Positive description of growth rather than excuses to others

9. Self-esteem moves from shame, blame, and guilt, to self-respect, promotion, and pride.

10. Long-term self-management and self-control.